COVID-19 Safety Policies

Due to continuing concerns regarding the COVID-19 virus, we are immediately issuing the following safety policies and all Direct & Correct, Inc. employees are mandated to immediately follow these policies:

  • All personnel riding in work trucks, crash trucks or any other vehicles that are occupied by more than 1 person at a time must wear a face shield. Whenever safe and possible, employees should avoid occupying vehicles with more than one person.
  • Any sharing of vests, flagger pants, stop / slow paddles, hard hats, safety glasses, cell phones, radios or any other items that touch your person is strictly prohibited.
  • Any employee outside of a vehicle, including those on break, must have on hard hat, safety glasses and class 3 vest.
  • All personnel must stay a 6 FT distance away from ALL persons. This includes safety meetings. This includes other employees, other workers, pedestrians, motorists, supervisors and inspectors.
  • Refrain as much as possible from touching your face with your hands.
  • Wash your hands as frequently as possible.

Direct & Correct, Inc. takes the safety of it’s employees and everyone working on or passing through our work zones extremely seriously. Inspections will be conducted on all job sites as much as possible and employees not following the above guidelines will immediately be removed from the site. We appreciate your cooperation in keeping you, other employees and all of our families safe.

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  1. Proud of our Team-We are definitely adhering to the guidelines because we want to remain safe as well! Thank You for also caring to keep us safe 🙏🏻

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