TMA/Certified Flagger Employment

Complete our TMA Driver/Certified Flagger employment application!

TMA Drivers are an important part of Direct & Corrects operations.  All TMA Drivers must be certified flaggers in both Delaware and Maryland as this position requires you to do both driving and flagging.  This position is NOT a driver only position and may require you to flag locations as well as drive the TMA.

All employees are required to submit Direct Deposit information, in writing, directly to the office no later than the Monday of the week after you begin work. Our office manager will bug you about this until we have this – Help us, help you get paid!

Please DO NOT include your Social Security Number or copies of your Social Security Card anywhere on this website OR E-mail them to us. We care about your personally identifiable information and do not want your information to be stolen.

Please note, you will be required to pass a drug test once you are employed.

If you need to contact the office concerning your application, please note that the hours for contact are 9:00am to 3:00pm, Monday thru Friday.

Name of applicant
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Stop and Slow 24″x24″ retro reflective paddle, Class 3 retro reflective pants and vest, Orange hard hat, work boots, safety glasses, contact radios and a cooler.
Start date
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Please list all equipment you have used in the past. (i.e. – Operate an Impact, use a Post Driver, Skill Saw and any driving/trailer hauling experience)
Name of an Emergency Contact
Relationship of Emergency Contact
2nd Emergency Contact
Please list all contact information for the Traffic Control Company you worked for in the past. If NONE, Please type NONE in the field.
Please list any special skills and the years of experience you have at each skill. (i.e. – carpentry, welding, electric, plumbing, etc…)
Getting a ride to work, taking the bus, getting picked up by a friend, etc. is not considered reliable transportation.
Please indicate if you have a valid CDL license. A CDL license is not required for TMA driver/Flagger employment.
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