Flagger Certification Cards

Flagger Certifications Cards are issued by State.  You must have a separate card for each State as National (Delaware), Maryland and ATSSA does not have multi-State flagging certification for Delaware and Maryland combined.  Certification cards that are marked “Delaware/Maryland” on the same card cannot and will not be accepted.  You will need to take an up close photo of your card, filling as much of the screen as possible without cutting off any of the card.  If you have an electronic version of the card, usually a temporary card, you can attach that to the email that you will send with your New Hire forms.

ATSSA (American Traffic Safety Services Association) provides online training courses for your convenience at https://www.atssa.com/Training/Flagger-Training-Courses/Online-Training if you find you are in possession of either an expired card or an invalid dual State Certification card.

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