New Hire Package

Once you have been hired by Direct & Correct, Inc.  You must complete the entire list of the hiring package.  All forms, except the Work Rules as they are emailed upon hitting submit, must be emailed along with a copy of your Certification Cards*, your W4 information and your new hire check list.  All forms that are sent must be completed in their entirety. DO NOT INCLUDE YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER OR BANK ACCOUNT INFORMATION ON ANY FORMS SUBMITTED THROUGH THIS WEBSITE OR VIA E-MAIL. APPLICATIONS INCLUDING A SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER OR BANK ACCOUNT INFORMATION WILL BE DELETED. DIRECT & CORRECT, INC. IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR STOLEN PERSONALLY IDENTIFIABLE INFORMATION.

Documents to be Printed, Completed and Dropped Off in a sealed envelope in the black mailbox in the office driveway:

You will then either take a picture or scan your Flagger Certification Cards and email them to the following email address or drop off a copy in the black mailbox in the office driveway.  When sending your email, please put the following information in the email subject line. (Subject = New Hire – FirstName, LastName)

You will be required to pass a drug test once you are employed. You are required to have access to reliable transportation.

You will be required to have an email address for access to our Direct Deposit website as they will email you instructions on how to access your deposit information. You can obtain a free email address  at Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, etc… if you do not currently have an email account.   Follow their email password options/instructions and complete your contact information in the event that you forget your password.

Here are the items you need to email.  Failure to email these required items can delay your hire date with Direct & Correct Inc.

  1. Copy of your Flagger Certification Cards
  2. Copy of ID or Driver’s License

* Flagger Certifications Cards are issued by State.  You must have a separate card for each State as Delaware, Maryland and ATSSA does not have multi-State flagging certification for Delaware and Maryland combined.  Certification cards that are marked “Delaware/Maryland” can not be accepted. Delaware is a National certification.